IMN|Unlocked™ Features

  1. Distributes a professional, co-branded monthly publication on your behalf to all your contacts. You deliver valuable content to your contacts on a consistent basis without having to write or find content yourself.
  2. Minimizes your work. IMN|Unlocked creates, hosts, publishes and distributes your monthly publication for you. Supply your logo, a personal message and your contact list, and let IMN|Unlocked do the rest.
  3. Targets content to specific technology markets. Choose the version best suited to your business. Initially IMN|Unlocked provides two versions, Network Security Unlocked and Virtualization Unlocked.
  4. Delivers content your contacts will value. IMN acquires fresh articles from thought leaders your contacts want to hear from—the analysts and bloggers who follow technology currents, identify trends and share their unique perspective on the most recent developments.
  5. Follows IMN’s proven email marketing formula that includes targeted content to engage attention, a soft reminder about your offerings and a strong call to action (a “Request a Meeting” button).
  6. Respects your contacts by following professional best practices for email marketing, complying with CAN-SPAM regulations, managing opt-outs for you and delivering publications monthly—a schedule frequent enough to keep you in your contact’s mind without annoyance.
  7. Provides timely Sales Leads reports to focus your sales efforts. You receive reports automatically within one, three, and seven days of your mailing, letting you know who has requested a meeting so you can follow up immediately. You also know what your contacts are reading. With insight into their interests and concerns, you can reach out to them in the most targeted way.